We have been undertaking physical and ecological surveys for over 70 years. Browse what we have been up to recently.

Hydrographic-Geophysical Survey

Understanding Welsh seabed characteristics through multibeam bathymetry processing

Processing bathymetry and backscatter data to help Welsh Government better understand seabed characteristics in resource areas

Topographic Survey

Supporting the preservation of Tilbury Fort with bathymetry and topographic survey

Undertaking bathymetric and topographic surveys to support the moat management plan for the historic Tilbury Fort

Ecological Survey

Baseline survey of Bembridge MCZ key features

Undertaking a phase one baseline survey of key features to assess the direction of ecological change

Ecological Survey

Baseline ecological surveys for tidal energy EIA

Undertaking a suite of ecological surveys to inform the proposed outer Dee tidal lagoon

Hydrographic-Geophysical Survey

Crab fishery monitoring to support aggregate dredging

ABPmer was asked to conduct a geophysical survey in the vicinity of a crab fishery area south of Hastings, to ensure there were no negative effects from aggregate dredging activity taking place nearby

Hydrographic-Geophysical Survey

Area 392/393 geophysical survey

ABPmer was asked to conduct a geophysical survey within aggregate extraction Area 392/393 in fulfilment of a marine licence issued by NRW.

Oceanographic Survey

Hydrodynamic and coastal process impact assessment

ABPmer was commissioned to undertake an estuarine hydrodynamic and coastal process assessment of the Cruise Hull Project to inform a feasibility study and the start of the marine licence process.

Hydrographic-Geophysical Survey

Solent Gateway shiplift

Solent Gateway contracted ABPmer to obtain the necessary consents and permissions to undertake maintenance dredging and disposal around the jetties, shiplift and their approaches.

Ecological Survey

At-sea ornithological survey guidance

ABPmer was commissioned by Natural Resources Wales to draft a guidance document for the design and implementation of robust ornithology surveys, to inform assessments for marine licensing and other consenting regimes.

Hydrographic-Geophysical Survey

Annual harbour bathymetry survey

ABPmer undertakes annual hydrographic surveys of the River Hamble to enable the Harbour Authority to maintain its knowledge of water depths and understand any changes.

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