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Paul Clement

Oceanographic Survey
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Beaulieu River acoustic doppler current profile survey

Marina Projects Ltd

Oceanographic Survey

To inform marina development considerations, Marina Projects Ltd desired to better understand the currents in Beaulieu River, specifically at Bucklers Hard.

ABPmer was asked to undertake four ADCP survey transects at specific locations at 30-minute intervals.

The survey was carried out over an 8.5-hour period, commencing approximately three hours prior to High Water, along four pre-determined transects. The observations were made using an RD Instruments Workhorse ADCP, with current speed and direction data collected at 0.5 metre intervals through the water column.

For an extended period, coinciding with the ADCP transect survey, a static Nortek Aquadopp Profiler was deployed to observe water level and further current speed and direction data.

The resulting data was subsequently quality checked and analysed, and provided for three locations along each transect as averaged full-depth values at 30-minute intervals and 10-minute intervals for the static location.

ABPmer's oceanographers deliver a comprehensive understanding of physical processes for marine projects and developments through the collection and processing of current flow, wave and water quality characteristics. Learn more about our oceanographic survey capability.

Paul Clement

Oceanographic Survey
+44 (0)23 8071 1886

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