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Hafan y Môr Phase 1 intertidal habitat survey

Bourne Leisure

Ecological Survey

Bourne Leisure Limited wished to extend its Holiday Park at at Hafan y Môr (Gwynedd, Wales). To inform the design and environmental assessment of a proposed breakwater and beach recharge project along this frontage, ABPmer completed a marine ecology characterisation survey.

The survey used the EUNIS classification and followed standardised Phase 1 marine intertidal survey and mapping techniques. Mapped intertidal habitats included rocky shore, mixed sediment and sedimentary habitats.

The survey also involved mapping a wide range of nationally rare or protected foreshore habitats, including under boulder rocky communities, Honeycomb worm reef and eelgrass beds. In addition, faunal samples were collected to help with characterising sedimentary habitats.

As well as the production of habitat maps using ArcGIS, a summary survey report was provided summarising the presence and distribution of designated features, as well as rare species or nationally important biotopes.

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Andrew Pearson

+44 (0)23 8071 1854

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