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Hydrographic and Geophysical
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North Wales tidal lagoon geophysical survey

Mostyn SeaPower

Hydrographic-Geophysical Survey

Mostyn SeaPower, a subsidiary of The Port of Mostyn, developed proposals for a tidal lagoon in the outer Dee Estuary. The lagoon includes a 6.7 km boundary wall extending from the Port of Mostyn to the Point of Ayr at the estuary mouth.

ABPmer, a long-standing adviser to the Port of Mostyn, provided environmental and planning advice for the proposal. We also undertook various surveys to inform the design phase.

A full geophysical survey was conducted along the proposed route of the lagoon boundary wall. The port's survey vessel ‘Patricia’ was mobilised with a suite of geophysical equipment. A multibeam system was used to provide bathymetry with a side-scan sonar to identify seabed features and surface obstructions. A magnetometer was used to identify any ferrous objects that may cause a hazard during construction activities.

The sub-bottom profiling element of the survey was of significant interest to the client, providing information up to 40 metres below the seabed surface. The data has proved incredibly beneficial to the project, and has been used by engineers to inform the construction design.

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ABPmer's surveyors support marine developments with a comprehensive understanding of the seabed, delivering quality maps and analysis of depth and features. Learn more about our hydrographic-geophysical survey capability.

Paul Clement

Hydrographic and Geophysical
+44 (0)23 8071 1886

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