Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

ABPmer’s quality management system (QMS) is accredited to ISO 9001 for the delivery of Environmental Consultancy and Research Services.

The QMS comprises a manual of procedures to ensure standards for company systems and capabilities, outputs and customer care. It is subject to a continual programme of internal and external audit.

Health, Safety and Environment

Because we believe that all occupational injuries, illness as well as losses and damage to equipment or the environment are preventable, risk management is a fundamental component of any project at ABPmer.

All risks are identified, assessed and mitigated throughout the project process, from deciding whether to bid through to project closure. These risks are managed through a risk register which is reviewed regularly with the Project Director, Quality Manager, Project Team, and subcontractors as well as the client. This ensures that the risks are identified, managed and mitigated as far as is reasonably possible throughout a project.

ABPmer staff involved with survey activity has undertaken our inhouse training ‘ABP Risk Assessment (RA) and Safe Systems of Work (SSOW) Toolkit’. The course details the creation and review of RA and SSOW documentation as well as requirements for dynamic assessments and Toolbox Talks.

Our surveyors hold industry-standard safety qualifications and medical certificates, including STCW95, ENG1 or equivalent qualifications.

Ahead of any survey mobilisation specific RAs and SSOW are created and reviewed by qualified personnel within ABPmer. These are always submitted to the client for external review. The RA and SSOW is discussed with anyone involved prior to travel to site, on site/onboard a vessel and prior to operations, in order to involve the full survey team (to include subcontractors and vessel crew).

For any vessel-based activities, the vessel master will conduct a full induction when personnel come onboard, and dynamic risk assessments are conducted if additional hazards appear.

HSE is considered the responsibility of all involved. As such a ‘Stop Work’ rule is always active. With this in place, if any member of the team is unhappy with a procedure, we take time out to discuss how we can improve the method.

In addition, ABPmer operates an office contact procedure, whereby a nominated member of the office team will be notified of the days survey plan and expected time of end of days operations. At the end of day, the survey team member will call the nominated person to confirm the safe completion of the day.

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