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A unique, diverse capability

ABPmer Marine and Coastal Survey undertakes bespoke, coastal and inshore surveys  around the UK and further afield.

As well as our wide marine survey capability, we also offer charting, data processing, laboratory analysis and consultancy advice.

Experienced in ecological, geophysical, hydrographic, oceanographic and topographic survey, each can be delivered as a standalone service or as part of a wider, consultancy project.

To complement our extensive range of vessels and instruments for data collection, we operate a fully equipped, independently certified sediment analysis laboratory.

Whether we are undertaking an intensive, short-term study of baseline conditions, or a long-term, monitoring campaign, our comprehensive service includes planning, acquisition, analysis and reporting.

As would be expected, we are committed to behaving responsibly, complying with legislation and meeting industry standards. External, independent audits and awards are testament to this.

Key personnel

We employ ecologists, geomorphologists, hydrographic surveyors, lab technicians, marine mammal observers, oceanographers and ornithologists. In addition to ABPmer survey personnel and consultancy staff, we have 12 highly experienced hydrographic surveyors within the ABP Group, based in key port locations across the UK.


Paul Clement ABPmer Hydrographic and Oceanographic Surveyor

Paul Clement
Hydrographic and
Oceanographic Surveyor

Andrew Pearson ABPmer Marine Ecologist

Andrew Pearson
Marine Ecologist and

Vicky West ABPmer Marine Ecologist

Vicky West
Marine Ecologist

Ian Davidson ABPmer Oceanographic and Coastal Surveyor

Ian Davidson
Oceanographic Surveyor and Laboratory Analyst

Nick Goldsmith ABPmer Ornithologist

Nick Goldsmith


Hydrographic-Geophysical Survey

Crab fishery monitoring

Oceanographic Survey

Hydrodynamic and coastal process impact assessment

Ecological Survey

At-sea ornithological survey guidance

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