Oceanographic Survey

Oceanographic surveys are undertaken to help develop an understanding of the properties and characteristics of the physical processes at a site of interest.

Data is acquired in-situ and can be provided in real-time. We regularly monitor wave climate (height, direction, period), flow speed and direction, water levels and water quality.

When ocean characteristics are required over a large area, models can be developed by our in-house hydrodynamic modellers. In this case oceanographic data will be acquired by our surveyors at site for model calibration.

Current and wave monitoring

We deploy seabed frames with self-recording instruments to capture tidal currents and/or wave parameters for fixed time periods ranging from individual spring and neap tidal cycles to full seasonal or year-long campaigns.

We also conduct vessel-based Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) transect surveys over single or multiple tidal cycles to obtain high-resolution flow speed and direction measurements across a section of estuary or seabed.

Tidal analysis

Using datasets collected during current monitoring we can undertake harmonic analysis to determine hydrodynamic characteristics, using these we can provide predictions. Such datasets can be used to calibrate high-resolution numerical models created by ABPmer’s in-house hydrodynamic modellers.

Seabed sampling

We undertake both singular or multiple site campaigns to collect seabed surface material. This may be for a general site classification and characterisation or in preparation for detailed physical and/or chemical laboratory analysis.

Water quality observations

We can deploy a range of instruments to measure multiple water quality parameters, obtained either near-bed via seabed frame deployments, or as vertical profiles throughout the water column. 

Water sampling

We conduct detailed water sampling throughout the water column to determine total suspended solids in our accredited laboratory.

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