Habitat Sampling

Understand the potential impact to marine flora and fauna at your development site


Our experienced surveyors support complex consenting requirements and condition assessments by identifying and assessing habitats and species and sediment makeup in detail



Playing a vital role informing complex consenting requirements and condition assessments, habitat sampling identifies and assesses habitats, species, and sediment makeup in detail.

ABPmer’s experienced surveyors use specialist equipment and bespoke sampling techniques, including core and grab sampling for detailed faunal and sediment analysis, and the capture of high-resolution drop-down video (DDV) stills for seabed visualisation.

Our ecologists undertake Phase II (quadrat and core sampling) surveys across a range of intertidal habitats and benthic sampling across multiple subtidal environments.

Our subtidal survey capabilities include:

  • Grab sampling (Day, Hamon and Van Veen)
  • Drop-down video camera and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) surveys
  • Sediment sampling (PSA, contaminant analysis)

Vicky West

Habitat Sampling
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  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Faunal and sediment analysis
  • Habitat and condition monitoring
  • Marine licence support
  • Monitoring of protected sites and species
  • Seabed visualisation

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