We have been undertaking physical and ecological surveys for over 70 years. Browse what we have been up to recently.

Ecological Survey

Waterbird monitoring in Southampton Water

ABPmer is contracted by Associated British Ports to undertake coastal waterbird monitoring in Southampton Water for baseline characterisation.

Ecological Survey

Data collection for Welsh Sustainable Management project

ABPmer was commissioned by Welsh Government to address the need for data and knowledge to support marine protection and sustainable use of tidal stream energy, wave energy and aquaculture resources.

Ecological Survey

Measuring dredging impact on black bream

Tarmac Marine and CEMEX UK Marine commissioned ABPmer to undertake an assessment of black bream nesting activity in survey areas in the Kingmere MCZ, to contribute to annual monitoring requirements for Areas 453 and 488 licences.

Hydrographic-Geophysical Survey

North Wales tidal lagoon geophysical survey

Informing the design phase for a proposed tidal lagoon in the outer Dee Estuary.

Oceanographic Survey

Southampton oceanographic campaign

To further develop a hydrodynamic numerical model of Southampton Water, ABPmer was contracted to design, plan and conduct a comprehensive oceanographic data collection campaign.

Oceanographic Survey

Beaulieu River acoustic doppler current profile survey

ABPmer was asked to undertake four ADCP survey transects to help Marina Projects Ltd better understand the currents in Beaulieu River to inform development considerations.

Ecological Survey

Managed realignment scheme monitoring

ABPmer monitors the Welwick and Chowder Ness managed realignment sites to ensure they meet objectives set in the EMMP.

Ecological Survey

Environmental assessment for Rochester Wharf

ABPmer was commissioned by HAML to undertake the required assessments in support of a marine licence application to dredge the berth at Rochester Wharf.

Ecological Survey

Maintenance dredge post consent monitoring

Since 2005, ABPmer has been carrying out detailed ecological surveys for the Port of Mostyn in the Dee Estuary, required under the consent arrangements for the Port's Inner Approach Channel dredging works.

Ecological Survey

Hafan y Môr Phase 1 intertidal habitat survey

ABPmer's marine ecology characterisation survey informed the design and environmental assessment of a proposed breakwater and beach recharge along the Hafan y Môr frontage.

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